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If you are here, you're probably pregnant, thinking WOW we're having a baby but also EEEEK we're having a baby.  That is OK. You are likely to be experiencing a whole gamut of emotion (and nausea).EXCITEMENT and WONDER that you are growing a human being in YOUR tummy and perhaps a bit of FEAR about the momentous event of BIRTHING your baby. You're remembering the stories you've heard in the past from family and friends, the images and documentaries you may have seen and you're thinking OMG.  And to top it off you're an English speaking Mama-to-be in a foreign country and very out of your comfort zone. Being afraid is completely natural but we can help you sit with this fear and work towards creating a POSITIVE, CALM birth experience.  

Open Hand Birthing offers an Antenatal course using a method called Hypnobirthing.  This word alone conjures up all sorts of thoughts but STOP, it's not what you're thinking - no vagina whispering here. Hypnobirthing is about reframing thoughts about birth and understanding the physical and mental processes your body goes through in addition to learning relaxation techniques to use in pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

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Open Hand Birthing offers you an antenatal course in the comfort of your own home. You and your chosen birth partner will learn about how powerful the mind-body connection is and that by being prepared you will be able to discover and harness the immense power within yourself to navigate the birth of your baby.

The course consists of

10 hours of classes (4 x 2.5 hours)

The Calm Birth Method book

6 MP3s

Course Materials

Flexible class times

Ongoing email and telephone support

A friendly, non judgmental space to ask questions you daren't ask elsewhere

Your investment in YOU 800CHF

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Hi, I'm Karis; me, wife, mama to William, control freak and Hypnobirth bore.  After becoming pregnant in the Netherlands, away from family and friends, I found myself searching for an antenatal class to help me feel more in control in an area of the country where medical practices were different to 'home' and English speaking antenatal classes were few and far between. I came across Hypnobirthing (due to a teenage obsession with McFly) and will be eternally grateful to have found the Calm Birth School Community.  After having William, I became such an advocate of this form of birth preparation that when we moved to Switzerland, I decided to train as an Instructor with the Calm Birth School. Having birthed abroad in a country where the language wasn't my own and my family weren't on the doorstep, I am very aware of how difficult and scary being an expectant expat can be. I am passionate about making this joyful, exciting time for a woman a really positive experience to be relished. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your most positive birth experience.

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"Whenever and however you give birth your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit for the rest of your life"

Ina May Gaskin

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