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Speedy Delivery

Liz's Story - February 2021

Both my children have come fast, extremely fast. There is nothing magical or nice about having such a fast birth. My experience with my first child was very traumatic for me even though we were both healthy during and after the birth. I knew having my second child that it would also be a fast birth and I wanted to find a way to cope and make the birth a beautiful experience. I took Karis’s course and it changed me as a mom and a woman in the best way possible. Karis gave me the support and tools that helped me prepare for the birth. This birth didn’t follow the “standard” stages of labor. I lost my plug about a week before the birth. There were no Braxton Hick contractions or any other signs. When I went for my due date appointment at the hospital, they said it could happen anytime now. For a few days still nothing happened. Then one morning I was feeling really tired so I went to lay down. I fell asleep and woke up to a pop feeling. My water broke. Then the contractions hit hard and fast. I called the hospital to let them know I was on my way. I told them my contraction times in hopes that I could have a water birth. My husband and I rushed to the hospital. I used the breathing techniques Karis taught me all the way to the hospital. It was the only thing keeping me calm and not freaking out that I might just have this baby in the car. We arrived at the hospital. There was only one midwife available and she brought us into the delivery room. She took one quick look at me and said it’s time to push. So, 12 very intense minutes later my son was born and in my arms. We were both happy and healthy. Those first few minutes were pure bliss looking at each other and cuddling. I didn’t get the water birth I wanted but it was still such a beautiful experience it didn’t matter. I felt in control this time. I was working with my body instead of against it. I listened to it with each push. I did the breathing practice I learned during the hypnobirthing course. I barely felt the pain of pushing and my son coming out. The breaths and the mindset helped me stay strong and present. It was such an incredibly positive and beautiful birth experience. I will look back on it and cherish it always.

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